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Tolyattinsky Plant of Solvents and Oils is an oil company with major business lines production and refining of hydrocarbons, trading with oil products.

Since its establishment Tolyattinsky Plant of Solvents and Oils achieved dynamic growth in acquiring various new assets in the oil market in Russia, former Soviet Union countries and Western Europe peninsular.


What is a refinery?

Tolyattinsky Plant of Solvents and Oils is a set of objects for the acceptance and processing of crude oil, accumulation, storage and shipment of marketable products.

The industrial and technical complex of auxiliary services and facilities, including the repair and technical section, treatment facilities, water wells, a heat and power section, an analytical control laboratory and an administrative and household complex, ensures uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the enterprise around the clock.

A high level of security at the enterprise is carried out by its own fire department with well-developed infrastructure (fire tanks, an integrated foam extinguishing station, fire station) and a private security company.

Since the development of the construction site of the oil refinery in the village of Samara, a high rate of development has been taken. The construction, which was commissioned by Tolyattinsky Plant of Solvents and Oils, began in the second quarter of 2012. In December of the same year, the company received all the permits for the operation of the refinery, and the plant began work. Readmore