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High processing level, application of the latest Russian and foreign achievements in refining area and constant equipment revamp provide the competitive ability of Tolyattinsky Plant of Solvents and Oils products at Russian and foreign markets.

Motor fuels

Lead-free gasoline of environment class K5 АИ-92-К5, АИ-95-К5, АИ-98-К5 as per GOST 32513-2013.

Diesel Fuel EURO, environment class К5: summer, grade С, DT-L-К5, interseasonal, gradesЕ (F), DT-Е-К5 as per GOST 32511-2013 (EN 590:2009).

Diesel fuel winter dewaxed DT-З-К5 minus 32 as per GOST R 55475-2013.

Jet fuel of TC-1 grade, premium grade as per GOST 10227-86.


Motor general oil and oil for motor carburetor engines M-8B as per GOST 10541-78.

Motor oils for motor diesel grades: М-10ДМ, М-10Г2к, М-8Г2к, М-10Г2, М-8Г2 as per GOST 8581-78.

Motor oils for diesel engines of the following grades: HD 40, HD 50, HD 60 as per STO 84035624-084-2012.

Motor oils for diesel engines of the following grades: G-Profi HD 50, G-Profi HD 60 as per STO 84035624-208-2016.

Industrial oils of the following grades: И-12А, И-20А, И-40А, И-50А as per GOST 20799-88.

Turbine oil Tp-22C grade 1 as per TU38.101821-2013.

Compressor oil KC-19п А as per TU 38.401-58-243-99.

Base oils of the following grades: SN-80, SN-100, SN-150 SN-250; SN-350; SN-400; SN-500; SN-650; BS as per STO 00149765-003-2010.

Oil for hydrostatic drives МГЕ-46В as per TU 38.001347-00.

Aromatic hydrocarbons

Oil benzene for synthesis. Premium grade as per GOST 9572-93.

Oil toluene. Premium grade as per GOST 14710-78.

Aromatic hydrocarbons fraction as per STO 00149765-005-2013.


Oil road updated bitumen “Biturox” BND-U 100/130 as per TU 0256-001-50945912-2002.

Oil road viscous bitumen, grades BND 40/60, BND 60/90, BND 90/130 as per GOST 22245-90.

Oil road viscous bitumen BND 70/100 as per GOST 33133-2014.

Oil roof bitumen BNK-45/190 as per GOST 9548-74.

Oil construction bitumen BN 90/10 as per GOST 6617-76.

Oil roof bitumen BNK 115/15 as per STO 00149765-006-2013.

Other products

Technicalsulfur. Gaseousliquid. Grade 9998 as per GOST 127.1-93.

Sulfuric acid technical contact 1st grade as per GOST 2184-2013.

Low viscous hydrocarbon base for slurries as per STO 00149765-008-2017.

Vacuum residue as per STO 00149765-009-2017.

Fuel oil 100, 3.5% low ash content, 25 OS as per GOST 10585-2013.